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What is Antiaging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine?

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Antiaging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine is an approach to health care that tries to establish early when an individual starts to fall out of the state of optimum health or vitality. Most of us are at our healthiest from adolescence to our mid-thirties. Then something happens. We degenerate faster than we regenerate and we begin to age.  Dr. Brookman's approach to health is multi factorial whereby he considers the whole individual, their unique metabolic profile and their unique biochemical make up. He provides a personalized and customized approach to delivering health care. Aging is a disease caused by metabolic imbalances or substances that do not belong in our bodies (e.g. toxins and allergens).


The best way to achieve optimum health is to address a multitude of factors rather than exclusively focusing on one issue. Dr. Brookman's multifactorial approach simultaneously looks at many interrelated physiological processes and pathologies that must be considered as a whole in order to promote a total well-being.

“I want my patients to die as young as they can as late as they can.”

Alex Huxley

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