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Dr. Brookman cares deeply about your health and well-being, and understands you may have questions about a variety of issues. To make the most of your time, here are some Frequently Asked Questions which should offer peace of mind.

While every effort is made to answer unscheduled phone calls and texts, it takes time to conduct research necessary to respond thoughtfully, and many of these questions have been asked and answered before. In case of emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.

  • Will you be my primary care physician?
    No, we cannot be your primary care physician.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any form of insurance for two primary reasons. One being that other than lab work, almost all insurance companies deny payment for antiaging, regenerative and functional medicine treatments and consultations. Also, if insurance did cover these treatments, the extensive bureaucracy and onerous amount of paperwork associated with processing insurance claims would necessitate a significant increase in our overhead. These increased costs would be passed along to our patients and the result would be the patient paying the same or possibly more with insurance than without. We endeavor to provide the best healthcare for our patients at the best possible prices. Working with insurance companies interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and makes this goal extremely difficult to achieve.
  • Will you provide diagnostic codes to me so I can contact my insurance company and try to get reimbursed for your fees?
    We do not provide diagnostic codes for anything other than lab tests ordered. Depending on your individual insurance, this service may or may not be covered. Please check with your provider.
  • I have several questions about my health. I’m sending an email, can you help?
    Please be mindful of my time and yours. Emails with multiple issues and questions will not be answered. Because my focus is on you during our time together, compile your thoughts and concerns in advance of a scheduled appointment. “Laundry list” emails seeking personalized responses are what appointments are designed to address.
  • What is the best way and what are the best times to contact you?
    The best way to contact me is always via email: All emails are usually answered within a 24-hour window.
  • Do you see patients at odd / off hours?
    Yes. One of the benefits of a concierge practice is that we speak with patients outside of standard 9-5 business hours, and sometimes on weekends and holidays.
  • Do you provide copies of lab results?
    Yes! Knowledge is power. I encourage my patients to keep copies of all lab data not just from me but from all of their physicians. We make sure that patients have copies of results before our next appointment.
  • How do I manage the specimen collection kits that are sent to me?
    Please be aware that each laboratory provides detailed instructions on how to collect your samples. Please read and review these instructions. It is imperative for you to be conscientious and carefully note how to do this. If you are still confused, please contact the office PRIOR to collecting or sending in your samples. The doctor or office personnel will explain in detail what steps are to be taken for collecting the required specimens for each test.
  • How much time do you typically spend with your patients?
    My initial consultation with new patients is typically 90 minutes to 2 hours. I ask patients to provide copies of results of any previous lab work they have so that I may review it in conjunction with their first consultation with me. After this initial consultation you are asked to submit to a series of lab tests. Once I receive these lab results, I typically spend another 1 to 2 hours interpreting the data and devising a customized treatment plan that addresses imbalances and starts to put you on the path to better health. On your follow-up visit we spend another 90 minutes to 2 hours with one another where I explain the lab results and suggest a treatment protocol.
  • I just read this article - what do you think? Did you read/hear/see the latest on this - what are your thoughts?
    Because my time is limited and my focus is on you during our time together, I do not consult on or render opinions on outside articles.
  • Should I get the Shingles vaccine? What do you think about a Covid vaccine? Should I get a booster? What about a flu shot?
    If you are considering any specific vaccine for any reason, it is important to know all of the factors related to the vaccine in question. Regardless of the nature of the vaccine, the ultimate decision is yours.
  • My husband/wife/partner doesn't understand why you’ve recommended this protocol. Can you call them and explain?
    I encourage each and every client to attend appointments with a spouse, partner or advocate - two sets of ears are better than one. Because my time is limited and my focus is on you during our time together, I am not able to explain protocols outside of scheduled appointments.
  • What are your thoughts on supplements? Here’s a list of all the supplements I’m taking - can you review them? I just read about a new supplement - what do you think about it?
    Regenerative and proactive wellness is a partnership founded on trust. The tests we have conducted, the diagnoses and therapeutic interventions are all part of the A2HI protocol, and as part of your commitment, no outside supplements are permitted. It is your responsibility to adhere to the program protocols to achieve optimal health. Further, use of supplements outside of the agreed to protocol are counter-productive and may be dangerous to your health.
  • What does FCCP, FACOI, and ABAARM stand for?
    FCCP: Fellow College of Chest Physicians, which is the MD’s highest certification in pulmonary medicine. FACOI: Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Internists, which is the DO’s highest certification in Internal Medicine. ABAARM: American Board of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine, which is my fellowship certification in this field.
  • What is a nutraceutical?
    Nutraceuticals are pharmaceutical-grade supplements ordered by your doctor specifically for your metabolic imbalances. They are from appropriate vendors produced using the most stringent US Government and International Guidelines.
  • Can I substitute other same-named nutraceuticals for the ones you recommend or order the same products from Amazon or other online retailers?
    We recommend specific brands from specific sources because we know that these sources provide pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals. When you purchase nutraceuticals from non-recommended sources, we have no idea what you are putting in your body and may help return you to optimum health. Therefore, substituting non-recommended brands of nutraceuticals is strictly forbidden. If you do this and we learn of this practice, we will no longer be able to see you as a patient.
  • How exactly do I deal with the test(s) you want me to take and submit - are there any videos or instructions you can share?
    I prescribe a variety of tests from several different trusted providers. Below is a list of the primary partners. By clicking on the company name, you will have access to an encyclopedic array of tutorials, videos, and detailed instructions: Cyrex Laboratories Cleveland Heart Lab (CHL) Genova Diagnostics (GDX - Various tests) Great Plains Laboratory Tru Diagnostics ZRT Laboratory
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