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Herbs and Minerals

Typically physicians when confronted with complaints associated with aging run a few basic lab tests, conduct a brief exam and declare that you are healthy and that your complaints are nothing more than the fact that you are getting older. This approach does not identify minor metabolic imbalances early, primarily because they are more difficult to establish.


However, metabolic imbalances when diagnosed early on are much easier to treat. Modern western medicine waits until the individual is broken then intervenes. An acute situation provides doctors with an obvious metabolic imbalance / disease. This diagnosis provides the opportunity to treat the disease with a specific pharmaceutical to make the patient “well."


This approach to medicine is incomplete because it only provides stop-gap modalities to treat the symptoms and prolong the morbidity (sickness) phase of life without addressing or fixing the root causes of the disease. Pharmaceuticals in most cases do not fix core problems but merely cover up the signs and symptoms of the underlying metabolic problems. Throwing pharmaceuticals at an individual’s so called problem accomplishes little. A one size fits all approach is not adequate. That is why Dr. Brookman has chosen to embrace a proactive approach to health, wellness and regenerative medicine.

Why this approach to medicine is incomplete

Traditional Medicine

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