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Antiaging Health Institute

Meet Dr. Brookman

Dr. Robert Brookman


As a super generalist, Dr. Brookman wants to understand everything that is out of balance with his patients and try to return them to optimum health, to the vitality phase of life.

“Remember, you are either a voluntary customer of the wellness industry, or an involuntary customer of the sickness industry.”

- Katherine Knapp


What is Antiaging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine?

Antiaging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine is an approach to health care that tries to establish early when an individual starts to fall out of the state of optimum health or vitality.  Dr. Brookman's approach to health is multi factorial whereby he considers the whole individual, their unique metabolic profile and their unique biochemical make up.

Traditional Medicine

Typically physicians when confronted with complaints associated with aging run a few basic lab tests, conduct a brief exam and declare that you are healthy and that your complaints are nothing more than the fact that you are getting older. This approach does not identify minor metabolic imbalances early, primarily because they are more difficult to establish. Dr. Brookman has chosen to embrace a proactive approach to health, wellness and regenerative medicine.

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